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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Are your services free?

As you can imagine, no they are not free unfortunately but my services have to be purchased mainly for the fact that I cannot be reliable without the having the budget for the equipment, my team or other necessities such as travel accommodations. These are all a stressful experience without funds.

Would you call yourself professional?

Yes, the way I have this passion for what I do so I would absolutely call myself semi-professional, I put my everything into this which ultimately makes me push for better each and every time & that’s with everything I get myself involved into.

What made you pursue photography & graphic design?

Well to be honest it all started with graphic design as a kid, surprising right? After seeing the final outcome of whatever I was working on randomly left me with this feeling of being proud which before I knew it I was spending hours doing it, days, months then eventually years & then I found my first camera. That’s what sparked this whole creative flare.

What makes you any different than anyone else?

Alot of times I couldn’t say, were all doing us with the things we love by creating, all I can say is that I will spend time with what I work on as if I personally have an attachment in it which makes me work on it more than just this mindset of completing it and getting a cheque, the visual is a representation of what I feel like is shown & I want it to be as perfect as I can, no matter what.