Photography, Graphic Design & Videography


Words From Chris

Im Chris Shafer, Ive been involved in graphic design for 6+ years which has been quite the creative journey. Recently I transitioned into photography & videography which ultimately has its same fundamentals with editing, however its a completely new world that I enjoy learning which hopefully shows!


Below I’ve taken the time to set out some goals of mine i think are relevant in me personally affecting the community.


One of my main goals is to create as much as i possibly can, walking around randomly being struck with this vision & nailing the creating part to tell a story in which you started. That is the biggest goal for me & it never ends.


Another goal of mine is to collaborate with as many people as i possibly can around the world with the same passion or ones in need of a creative eye, because building or practicing what you do makes perfect.


I would like to eventually be one of the lucky ones to travel & share the forgetful beauty of this world which honestly just thinking about is enough to sell me.


Last but not least, show someone just enough inspiration to get up and try to learn, with anything you may find something you truly cannot get enough of & that’s happiness.


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